Randall Grahm is the eccentric and accomplished winemaker at Bonny Doon in Santa Cruz, CA.  He was in my neighborhood this week promoting his new book; Been Doon So Long: A Randall Graham vinthology.  I met Randall at his winery a few years ago as we were having lunch at one of his picnic tables.

He used to let dogs into the winery, but now we get to sip among the trees just outside the door. All the better to chat with him!

The Ponzi’s, an established wine family in the Willamette Valley and owners of the Dundee Bistro, encouraged their chef, Jason Stoller Smith to host a wine dinner in Randall’s honor.

Over an amazing dinner Randall charmed the guests with the history of his wine escapes and a few selections from his book. Even a poem set to the tune,”Hotel California”.  Better to hear it from the pooch’s mouth so enjoy the food, dun and wine Doon Style!

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