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I was a run-away pup and on the move for 6 months before Valerie adopted me.  I walked through the California vineyards looking for fallen grapes and leftovers from the workers lunches.  I ate out of garbage cans, and a few wineries put out food for me.  
But I was hard to catch.
Valerie was the head of a California wine growers association, and also wrote about the local wine for several regional newspapers.  She was about to explore the Oregon Pinots, and she adopted me on the way out of town.  
We have been together ever since; exploring California, Oregon, Washington State, British Columbia and Ontario.
Valerie is working her way through the WSET wine program and hopes to become a Master of Wine someday.
As you can see we have added a new wine dog in training!  Jory, named after the volcanic soil found in Willamette Valley Vineyards, is a Havanese squirt and my new best bud!

So, everyday is even more of an adventure with him along for the ride.

We love questions and feedback so                                    and We’ll get back to you!

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About me
Name: Nikita
Age: 7
Birthday: November
School:  Living in the vineyards of California
Favorite vacation: Wine Countries
Favorite book: From Vines to Wines 
Favorite Wine:Cab franc at the moment.  I sniff - Valerie quaffs. 
Favorite quote: Wino Forever!-A Johnny Depp tattoo that used to read Winona Forever.
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