Wine Dog Review
Bacchus drowns within the bowl, troubles that corrode the soul

I’m Nikita, as in La Femme Nikita; wine dog extraordinaire.  I grew up in a “take no prisoners” wine club underground, headed up by my super taster friend, Valerie Brockbank.

She’s tasted more wine than 99 cats with nine lives.

Jory is the newest wine dog, and he has MANY opinions!

Between the three of us, we are going to get you drinking wine, and appreciating it.

We’ll send you to Wine Dog Bootcamp, and No Sh**t SherlockTasting School. We’ll get you cookin’ with hot food and wine pairings, and make you a club member where you’ll find wines you can afford to enjoy.

We don’t do the numbers game, we share wines we like, and wines you like, with others. 

And as La Femme says, “I’ll play the game, my way.” 

Come play in our cellar!

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Bacchus drowns within the bowl, troubles that corrode the soul
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